The landmark age-old historic mansion comes back to life...Hotel Bosnali rests on the banks of River Seyhan where the city's Hellenic and Roman foundations were laid down in ancient times. The historic Tepebag District is home to not only Hotel Bosnali but also this historic legacy of a city whose own history goes back through the ages to antiquity. The Mansion itself is the work of a man with a vision, whose own journey from the Balkans in late 19th century brought him to the banks of River Seyhan: Salih Efendi of Bosnia. In 1889, Salih Efendi made his home in Adana and built the Mansion that still stands today, restored to its former beauty and true form. Halil Avci Group has taken over the ownership and caretaking of this landmark property to give back this site of cultural heritage a complete makeover in the shape of a state-of-the-art architectrual renovation within painstaikingly strict guidelines to maintain the original facades and interior design along with historical authenticity. Thanks to these efforts, the Mansion lives to tell its tale through the ages. This Mansion, is a landmark in whom the aesthetics and architure of a bygone century and an Empire meet the comforts that a 21st century interior design and accommodations offer in Hotel Bosnali. Hotel Bosnali welcomes its guests to experience the glory of a historic landmark in its beauty while enjoying the luxurious accommodations, the historic district surrounding it, and the fascinating view of this 8,000 year old city.



Historic mansions, such as the one built by Salih Efendi of Bosnia, are in a way like family photos of old. With every part of the photo that succumbs to wear and tear of time, a member of the family is lost out on the photo. Likewise, such mansions of bygone eras can also disappear as a city constantly renews and rebuilds itself. One such building that almost fell into ruin and almost razed out of the cityscape was this mansion in which one of the more memorable and momentous residents of Adana dwelled, Salih Efendi of Bosnia. Compelled by the drive to preserve, protect and restore a heritage site of exemplary architecture, I purchased the property of Salih Efendi Mansion and set out to reinvent this historic building as a landmark in which all visitors of Adana can marvel at and stay in, bask in the history, architecture and beauty of an older Adana that survives through the centuries. Natural and Cultural Conservation High Commission’s official permit empowered me to commence restoration works. Going to great pains to maintain the historical accuracy of its architecture and original framework and exterior of the building, the effort thus began to preserve this landmark and pass it further on to the future. This landmark will serve as a testament to Turkish architecture of 19th century Adana, while we serve the traveler whose paths take them to Adana. It has been a sheer privilege and my pride to have undertaken such an effort that has brought back to life one of Adana’s historic landmarks in its aged glory and beauty that has met the amenities of modern times for all its guests in the historic “Tepebağ” district of the city. I hereby thank everyone whose work was instrumental in this undertaking that I have worked with along with my dear wife and beloved children.